Our taxi fleet

Taxi Well operates a large fleet with four different classes of vehicles to suit your different needs. We do our best to provide our customers a first-class service using new, comfortable, clean, and smoke free vehicles.

All our cars can be booked online, and provide a reliable, comfortable and inexpensive way to get to your destination. We off transport services to or from all international airports in Thailand.

Standard Class

Regular cars that are suitable for those with who want to travel privately, with no more than two people, one suitcase, and two pieces of hand luggage. While they can travel around the entire country, it is best for shorter journeys of no more than 100 kilometers. For standard class cars we use Toyota Corollas.

Middle Class

Our mid-size car is the Toyota Camry. It is big enough to travel with up to three people and two suitcases or three pieces of hand luggage. These cars are convenient and secure. At this range, we can also provide service suitable for executives and their guests as well.


Our Multi-Purpose Vehicle can carry four persons, and two suitcases or four pieces of hand luggage. We provide a Toyota Innova that comes with a CD player to entertain you throughout the trip.


Our van option is great for groups and large families. The minibus seats nine passengers and has space for six suitcases or nine handbags. Our van option is a Toyota Commuter which comes with a CD player to entertain you all on your journey.