Private taxi must have better than public services

The personal taxi you use is usually not informal. The main advantage of this service is that it is more convenient to walk to the airport because almost all private taxis are available to stand at the meeting point for free.

Taxi Well best enough when compared to other companies.

Our main service is at Bangkok International Airport in Thailand. By t the team of professionals and long experience in this business.
Our driver carries clients from the passenger terminal to the hotel over 10,000 trips per year. With just 11 missions in the past year. Of these, 8 out of 11 trips were erroneous when checked the hotel the customers did not arrive on that date.
More than that, service providers generally stand at the meeting point for no more than 60 minutes, but our driver waits for up to 90 minutes,
but … If the customer is not arriving at this time. We will have waiters standing to wait instead as our driver will drive out of the parking lot to wait outside to reduce the cost of parking.
And when the customer reaches the meeting point our receptionist will call the driver and drive in 10 minutes to the meeting point.

Which airport Taxi Well is available?

Currently, we provide the private taxi services at 4 major airports in Thailand, including Bangkok Airport, Don Mueang Airport, U-Tapao Airport, Phuket Airport.
From our first-generation team. Now we grown to become the driving force of our new generation of drivers increase at other airports as more customer inquiries. It has provided services to other airports in addition to Bangkok’s only former airport.
In addition, we also provide service at Samui Airport and Chiang Mai Airport but these two airports have few customers now.

How to book a private taxi?

Our system is designed for customers to easily booking available on all platforms and devices.
Customers can make a reservation simply by clicking on the “Booking Now” on our menu, or this link then filling in a few steps is completed, and pay instantly through PayPal.

Taxi Well is available only in Thailand?

We have been providing personal taxis for a long time this gives us have many partners.
At present, we serve customers in Malaysia and Indonesia also, but not so much, and we hope that our customers will choose us in these countries soon.