Very good service

Very good service. I was initially concerned about the level of genuineness of the service as they use a gmail account for communication, but the service was very reliable and delivered what I needed. I will definitely use again.


Thank you for your very good feedback to Taxi Well

Darrin Cox
Booking ID#21366
September 28, 2016

The vehicle did not look good on me

1. Requested for Innova but was given another type of vehicle, which looked more like a party van. This left quite an unprofessional impression to my boss, so it did not look good on me. 2. Requested for meet and greet, but noone greeted us despite us being on time as per the stated time. Instead we had to wait about 20 mins with several calls had to be made. When the driver arrived, we had to walk out with our luggage to the van. This has also left a bad impression to my boss, which made me look bad too. 3. We were stopped by a policeman in the middle of a highway. Till now we are not sure why, speed or party van, but it sure was not a good way to be greeted by Bangkok.


We would like to hazard a great experience to get you the wrong impression. We regularly upgrade our services to customers without charge is hoped that customers will appreciate. The car provided to you is that we have modified to luxury and most impressive among the lot. Our staff waited at the meeting point inside gate#3 because the area in which we were allowed to keep waiting customers, only we can not go deeper into it.
Surveillance by police is typical of our country, and we’re sure that our car and driver compliance is required by law, so do not worry about it.
However, we will continue to upgrade for our customers without additional charge if the car has better features than are available, but we will do more concise than the original.

Booking ID# 20665
September 25, 2016

Yes we would use this service again

We booked a Taxi from the UK to pick our family of 6 from Bangkok airport and take us to our hotel. We found our name displayed at the meeting point at the arrival hall and taken to our driver and 10 seater minibus. This was easy to do and pay for online with a e-mail confirmation received. Yes we would use this service again.



Thanks for good experience!

Claire Fitzgerald
Booking ID# 18014
September 25, 2016

Receptionist Waited Outside for The Car

I would have been better off just catching a regular taxi. There was no one to greet me on arrival in Bangkok. When I found the sign at the other end of the airport, the representative made me wait for several minutes while she took care of other customers and then we waited outside for the car. After a very long flight from the U.S. the last thing I wanted was to waste time getting to the hotel. Next time I’m going to the taxi stand!

Taxi Well apologize for the bad experience like this. Our receptionist waited instead the driver during the crowded because the parking lot of the BKK Airport are not enough. Some work was not impress as the customer intended. Taxi Well improve by adding more receptionist for standing together with our customer until the car arrival.
But on the few people still stood holding signs welcome customers with our usual driver.

Norman Goodman
Booking ID# 21113
September 25, 2016

Absoluetely Recommend Taxi Well

Extremely satisfied overall quote of satisfaction, clear and complete the information on the website, easy to become the quote for my trip, the booking process easy to complete, I was you happy with the level of communication and efficiency, the driver was punctual and friendly, the taxi clean and comfortable, I have a safe journey, I definitely use Taxi Well again, I absoluetely recommend Taxi Well

Jannita Smith
Booking ID# 8171
May 31, 2016

Excellent Service

– Very excellent quote of satisfaction – Complete & clear website – Easy to become the quote – Easy to complete the booking process – Very happy with the level of communication and efficiency – The driver was punctual and friendly – The taxi clean and comfortable – Very safe journey – I will use Taxi Well again * I recommend Taxi Well*

Geoffrey Hiller
Booking ID# 10274
May 31, 2016

Very Best Experience

Very good overall quote of satisfaction, clear and completed information on the website, the quote was easy for my trip, easy use booking process, I happy with communication and efficiency.
Driver was punctual and friendly, excellent for the clean and very safe car for the trip, I will use Taxi well again.

I recommend Taxi Well

Neil Purves
Booking ID# 10653
May 31, 2016

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