Taxi Well Affiliate Program

  • Our affiliate need to register by admin
  • After registering you can book for your customers via your account
  • You can check your booking and commission via the same account

How much you will get from us

  • Our affiliate paid for you 10% on the regular  the high season
  • Our high season starts from November to February and April of the year

When you will get from us

  • Our financial will summary each month and payment within 10 of the next month to your Paypal account

How much you will pay for tax

  • We are not in the company through this current system.
  • Except for the services we provide to companies and business customers in Thailand.
  • We do not deduct any tax from agencies that do the overseas business with us at this time.

How to be our affiliate

  • You can easy to be our affiliate by register here
  • Our admin will register and send the link for you within 48 hours.