Bangkok Airport

His Majesty the King Bhumibol had conferred the name “Bangkok Airport” which means “The Golden Land”. And proceeded to preside over the foundation stone laying ceremony of the passenger terminal on Saturday of 19th January B.E.2552

Bangkok AirportBangkok International airport in Bangkok is well one in every of the best transport hubs within the world. It extremely seems like it belongs in a sci-fi movie. Actually, Bangkok’s international airport has such a unique style that in 2012 it became the foremost photographed place within the world on Instagram. everybody desires an image of the capital of Thailand field, with its long hollow corridors made of glass and steel. Around fifty million travelers travel through Bangkok airport each year, and likewise. Bangkok Airport being the international arrival purpose for Thailand it’s conjointly a transfer field for South East Asia. The located is found sixteen miles outside the city, however, it’s easy to get to Bangkok city center. The airport link or via taxi can take you although the traffic jams as probably throughout peak hours.

Bangkok Airport

Arrival and Departure

Bangkok Airport

What to Expect Transit passengers will need to proceed to the airline checkpoints located on the same floor of Bangkok Airport. The meeting point for tourism group at inside Gate #10 for individual passengers at inside Gate #3 – Gate #5 after getting passed and walk through the Exit C and B

All departures at Bangkok airport are handled at the airline check-in counters settled on the fourth floor.

Domestic check-ins are from Rows B to C. Row A is devoted to Thai Airways’ Royal first-class and Royal Silk passengers. For international departures, proceed to Rows D to W. perpetually be ready to attain least two-and-a-half hours before international departures or eighty minutes before domestic departures.

Getting to Your Hotel from Bangkok Airport

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Communications at Bangkok Airport

Bangkok AirportInternet kiosks, internet phones and local and international pay phones are accessible throughout the airport. International and local phone cards are purchasable at Family mart. native mobile phone operators – DTAC, AIS, TRUE – have pre-paid SIM cards purchasable and phone rentals are accessible at their service counters placed at the International Arrival Hall (Entry Gates 5-7).

WLAN Internet Hotspots

Free wireless internet access is accessible once you’re within the passenger Terminal for 15 minutes per affiliation. you’ll be able to get a username and password from any information desk settled inside the Departure and Arrival Halls. Outside the passenger Terminal, you would like to shop for a WiFi card (one card = 250 baht = one hour of browsing time) from a Kingpower booth or service counter displaying the WiFi brand.

Eating & Drinking at Bangkok Airport

When it involves grabbing a bite, you’ll not be disappointed with the alternatives obtainable on the third floor. Here, you’ll realize everything from a healthy burger. Thai restaurant and sushi bar to connoisseur coffee, dim sum, and Italian pizzas. If you’re not ready to pay these costs, swing by The Miracle Food Village, situated close to Entry Gate 5, for the comparatively cheaper fare.

Shopping at Bangkok Airport

If shopping is your favorite interest, you’ll find it irresistible here at Bangkok International airport. There’s everything from designer brands to luxury labels to native handicrafts. With quite 270 retail outlets dotting the International Departure and Arrival Halls Moreover as Transit Hall (on the third floor), you’ll realize limitless possibilities once it involves last-minute browsing or simply shopping.

A shopping tip:

if you plan to buy local handicrafts or souvenirs for your friends and family from Thailand, be prepared your time and asking our drivers to drive you for the special trip for it, you will get the cheaper handicrafts from the native at their places.

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