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Pray for France

Many tourists come from France to Thailand. And use our services They are well-mannered, friendly people, Thailand.
We express our condolences for the loss, this time asking God to get them to embrace him with it.

FEATURES Discover the amazing martial art of Muay Thai

As the ringside atmosphere is fuelled to fever pitch by the buzzing musical instruments and roars of the crowd, the young fighter attacks. After a dazzling flurry of fists and kicks, some too fast to see, his opponent falls back defeated and another Muay Thai boxing match has come to an exciting climax.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Thailand!

1.Bangkok: Grand Palace in Bangkok A visit to Thailand would not be complete without a trip to one of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks, if not the most famous- the Grand Palace in Bangkok! Immerse yourself in Thai history as you wander the vast palace grounds and take in the intricate decoration of the building, which […]

Activities You Can Do in Hua Hin

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Which Airline Moved to DMK ‘Terminal 2’

Don Muang airport, which is reputed to be the flight of both domestic and international travel as well as Suvarnabhumi Airport. But with limited space and check-in counters. Causing congestion and delays, sometimes not. For this reason, make’DMK’ ready to serve. ‘Terminal 2’ to serve only domestic flights only. From 24 December 2558 onwards it. The flight between the countries continue to use the building as the old one (Row1-8).

The seaside town of Hua Hin

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Count ’em – 1,650 Pandas!

Keep an eye out for the panda flash mobs at

Sanam Luang on March 4, 2016
Central World on March 7, 2016
The Sky Walk at the Chong Nonsi BTS station on March 8, 2016
The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on March 10, 2016
Santi Chai Prakan Park on March 12, 2016
The Giant Swing on March 13, 2016
Lumpini Park on March 14, 2016
Hua Lamphong Station on March 15, 2016
And at Ayutthaya’s Golden Mount Temple on March 16. 2016
They’re likely to appear from 3 to 6pm, but that can change depending on the locale. Stay tuned to the “1600pandasplusth” page on Facebook.

The exhibition at Central Embassy will run from March 24 to April 10.