Which Airline Moved to DMK ‘Terminal 2’

Do you know? Check which airline moved domestic check-in counters to DMK ‘Terminal 2’

Don Muang airport, which is reputed to be the flight of both domestic and international travel as well as Suvarnabhumi Airport. But with limited space and check-in counters. Causing congestion and delays, sometimes not. For this reason, make‘DMK’ ready to serve. ‘Terminal 2’ to serve only domestic flights only. From 24 December 2558 onwards it. The flight between the countries continue to use the building as the old one (Row1-8).

6 Domestic Airlines that serve the building moved to Terminal 2.

Thai Air Asia – FD: Row 9,10

R Airlines – RK: Row 11

Orient Thai Airlines – OX: Row 11

Thai Lion Air – SL: Row 11,12

Thai Smile – WE: 12

Nok Air – DD: Row 14-15


TIPS This second building was used as a building before, so do not use international numbers Row13.

Building 2 (Terminal2) with restaurants and facilities. All passengers have the answer for sure.



How to go to Building 2 (Terminal2) Don Muang Airport.

Next to the building 1 (Terminal1) DMK adjoining second building next to it is a seven-story parking garage with controlled access to the automated system. Therefore, we recommend Details of the trip before for your convenience.

 Introducing Terminal2 Don Muang Airport. click for details 🙂